It's been a month

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pejam celik, pejam celik..
Eh, it's been a month!
Maksudnya, dah sebulan bertukar angin ke bumi Pahang..
Dah sebulan juga menggalas tanggungjawab sebagai seorang pendidik..

Things were hard at the beginning.
Tapi, bila go through everything step by step, everything will be alright..

What I did the whole month?
Telling myself to fall in love with coding!
Ya! Both basic c and java.

I told myself to start being friend with coding.

Few years back, I did learned programming technique and object oriented programming. But, thinking that I'm not going to use them in the future, I started ignoring them. Enough if I can learn for exam and mini project!

That's what I've been thinking before. Because science computer is not my main stream. I though I would be someone who work at one of the biomedical company that will deal more with medical instrumentation, human fisiology and etc. 

Sometime, I though I would be an academic staff and researcher at any university and teach student on electric and electronic subject. Telling the student what capasitor that you need to use and etc.

We thought we will do what we like to do..And we ignore things that we don't like to do..
And somehow, we might end up to do the things we don't like for the next upcoming years! Who knows future better than HIM?

It's been a month.
And I think, I'm getting in love with coding.
It's fun! 

So, Wish me luck!